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Refund policy

The following regulations are only applicable to private buyers. Different regulations apply to buyers who have further commercial interests in the purchase.


You have a right to cancel your order for any item purchased for a full refund. To cancel you can phone or email us. Please state your name and your odered product.

Within 14 days

You can return the purchased product by sending it back and a full refund will be given. The 14 days return period commences with the date of delivery. Address your cancellation notice to:

Wernsdorfer Str. 97
15713 Königs Wusterhausen
Deutschland / Germany

Within the two weeks you can also email, phone or write to us and notify us first about your return.

Once notification of a return of a product has been given, you are obliged to send the product back to us. You have to bear the costs of redelivery if the returned product amounts to the delivered one and if the price of the product does not exceed 100.00 EUR.